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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday 4/23/14

Once again I'm linking up with Peas & Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday! Check out that blog for even more food fun! 

Ok, seriously, who isn't just a wee bit tired of eggs? Since it's just me and the little dude (and he seems to think eggs are the devil) I get to eat ALL of the hardboiled eggs from Easter.  It's a beautiful thing on Sunday and Monday.  By Tuesday I'm a little "eh" and by today I'm at the "crap, how many eggs are left?" level. You're probably wondering why we did so many eggs. Good question! I didn't.  We were at my mom's house.  I blame it all on her! 

So, I'm sure you can imagine the past few days have been filled with deviled eggs, plain eggs, chopped up eggs in salad, avocado/egg salad and so on.  I still have so many!  If you have any amazing hardboiled eggs ideas please comment or post your link in the comments! I'm going into egg overdose! 

The rest of the week I was pretty much a creature of habit. I tend to prep on the weekend and eat the same thing for days at a time.  I'm totally OK with that but the pictures can be boring! I've been having Mamma Chia as a snack and to get my omegas.  I have a larabar or ALT bar for my other snack. Breakfast is always a protein/vitamin shake with spinach and kale. Lunch has been quinoa pasta with minimal sauce and some veggies. Dinner has been ground turkey tacos with tomato, spinach, cheese and cholula. 

Ohhh....and this is top secret... Since my little dude is out on spring break my mom has been watching him.  So I've been going to Dutch Bros EVERY SINGLE DAY and haven't told the kid!  He loves going there so it's my little secret! 

I'll try to spice it up with pics in the coming week!

If you're a food prepper what are some of your favorite easy make ahead recipes? I need to change things up soon. I love hearing what other folks like to fix! 

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