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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

It's been another busy weekend and I'm pretty pooped right this very second! We got up early yesterday and headed out to my moms house so we could color eggs out there (she has a lot more counter space which is always a good thing when it comes to egg coloring with the little dude!

We also went and checked out the new camper trailer they just bought and even though Josh was afraid of the top bunk when he first walked in....5 minutes in he had mastered the climb up and the dismount as well as opening the window.

I was kind of pooped by the time we were driving home (it's only about a 30 minutes drive) and little dude was talking, nonstop, the entire drive home! It was all about comic book characters  etc. What little brainpower I had left was completely zapped at that point! So we made a quick run to Dutch Bros to give me a little oomph.

Luckily the blended coffee DID give me an oomph and I finally got the nerve up to clean off my disgusting patio! I had let that thing go far too long. I cleaned it all off, bagged up the leaves that had fallen in there and gathered all of the trash. I potted plants that had been waiting for some attention, cleaned up the flower boxes and found that the flower seeds I planted a week or two ago are sprouting!

I was covered in dirt, pollen and sweat by the time I was done but I felt accomplished so it's all good. I haven't worked out all weekend but that's ok because I've been doing ALOT around here to get some activity. I'd rather being active and accomplishing something instead of just moving along with a video.

I still had to muster enough strength to do my Easter Bunny duty. I managed to stuff all of the eggs, hide them and put the basket together.

I also managed to get up this morning about 90 minutes before the little dude, which is an amazing feat! This child is NOT a sleeping in kind of guy. He gets up between 5:30 and 6am EVERY SINGLE DAY.....even on the Weekends!!!! So I got up and showered before he saw that Easter bunny had come. On the mornings that I wake up before him I always get this feeling like "ha ha, I win!" lol and then I get a little bonus quiet time to enjoy my coffee.....which now I can enjoy on my sweet little patio!

Ok, enough rambling! I've got some other things to work on. I'm starting a  21 day clean eating/reset program tomorrow. I'm going to gather all of the info on that and post it asap. I will be posting along the way as well.

I hope you and yours have an amazing Easter!

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