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Monday, April 14, 2014

Binge Watching......Orphan Black on BBCA

Wow. You know when a show sounds really good and there is at least one season onDemand or online or on Netflix? Yeah. Well, I decided to check out Orphan Black on Saturday. Right now I'm watching the second to the last episode of last season. I need to be caught up so I can be ready for the new season that starts this Saturday.

I can't believe I can get so drawn into a show! It's really good and different....and I'm a known addict to just about anything put out by the BBC/BBCA.

I should really be heading to bed right now, or cleaning, or folding laundry or doing about 100 other things around the house.....but instead I'm sitting here with my butt planted firmly on the couch with my laptop and trying to stay wake long enough to watch one more episode!

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