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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April Fool's Day!

I really never realized how much work goes into being a parent! I don't mean the normal stuff like laundry, cooking, making sure homework gets done. I mean the magical part of parenting. The late night tooth fairy visits, the Elf on the Shelf shenanigans, the leprechaun visits and of course the April Fools pranks.

I sit at the foot of my son's bed every night as he falls asleep. Last night was asking me if I was going to pull any pranks on him for April Fools day. I, of course, said no....but he didn't believe me. As I write this he's not yet awake. I hope he loves the craziness I have planned for him this morning. It's nothing major. This is our first year really doing some fun stuff. He's always been really sensitive and I didn't want to over do it. This year, he's ready for a little more.

Together he and I planned to make Brown E's for his classmates.......his classmates will think they're getting delicious chocolate treats when really....they're getting a letter E that is brown. Ok ok, I know it's a groaner but we thought it was hilarious. I'm fully aware of the fact that we're not normal!

Now, on to the stuff the little dude DOES NOT know about......

First up he'll need to use the restroom when he wakes up......he'll find what looks like a big ol' piece of poop on the toilet seat. (please note I was far too lazy to take pics of my own shenanigans.....these were all found via image searches on Bing.....I'm THAT tired!)

Fake Poop made from an empty toilet paper tube
Then he'll come out, disappointed that I didn't have enough time to make a nice hot breakfast on this chilly morning. I'll have his bowl of cereal ready for him.....but it's not a normal bowl of cereal. It's a bowl of frozen cheerios! Milk and all, even has a spoon in it.

Frozen cheerios

Then when I reveal that I actually did make him a nice warm breakfast he'll most certainly want something to drink while he eats.....and that's when the "juice" comes in. I have the red jello in the juice glass, with a straw in it just waiting for him to try to drink it.

Not your normal juice glass!

Last but certainly not this point the little dude will think he's made it through. We'll be rushing to get out the door like we usually are and he'll try to put his shoes on but wait.....there's something in them! I put Kleenex in the toe of each shoe!

I know he'll love it, if he makes it through it all! He's such a little prankster. He thinks he can out prank me. He doesn't know that I've been taking it easy on him all these years. This is his transition year. Next year I'll actually get a little more prepping done ahead of time! This year it was all kind of spontaneous. I think it'll work though.

Did you do any pranks on your friends and family? Have you ever had a prank pulled on you or by you that was so epic it should be the foundation of urban legends? If so PLEASE share it below! I'd love to get ideas for next year!!!

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