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Sunday, April 06, 2014

A cardboard box beat me up!

I hate that I missed a day posting but I was unexpectedly beaten up by a box Friday morning. I was trying to get a head start on some spring cleaning. I went to the large hall closet and took out my box full of extra Keurig Kcups.....put a few in that I didn't have room for in the kitchen .....and decided to leave the box in the hall since I really needed to clean out that closet this weekend anyway. So I left the box slightly in the way in the hall and though "Oh, I'll remember it's there". Well, guess what. I didn't remember it was there when my son called me to come in and help him get his wildly wicked cowlick to stay in place (think a blonde version of Alfalfa from the Little Rascals). I ran smack dab into that freaking box! Totally broke my middle toe on the right foot. How I managed to only break the middle toe, I have no clue.

Regardless, we were in a time crunch. I needed to get him dropped off at school so I could go get to work. I crammed that jacked up toe in my comfiest shoes and we headed out. I got the little dude dropped off and limped my way into work. As soon as I got settled into the cube farm I kicked those shoes off and kept them off majority of the day.

After work and a bunch of running around, errands and coaxing the dude out of his afterschool program we made it home. By the time I kicked the shoes off that time my toe was about twice the size it should be. I've been icing it off and on all weekend. The first two days it was a lovely shade of purples and blues. Today it's got a nice striped like pattern and I've painted my toenails purple to match.

I know of a person that blamed their past weight gain on the fact that they had a broken toe, so of course I laughed. This is NOT my first rodeo. I've actually broken all but one toe on my right foot in my 37 clumsy years on this planet. In order to show that person how absurd their excuse was I taped this little purple toe to the toe next to it and did my cardio this weekend. Sure it throbs......that just means I got my heart rate up, right?

Now I'm just waiting for the pain to stop. I know it'll take a while but at least the ugly discoloration is almost over. The biggest bummer of it all was the fact that today was supposed to be the first 1 mile race my son ran. He wanted me to run alongside him but we ended up cancelling it since I wouldn't be able to run with him. But, there's always next time....when I'm not all messed up.

Hope your toes are all in tact and no cardboard boxes attacked you this weekend!

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