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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Watch out Legoland Resort! We're heading your way! (In a couple of months!)

We started a new tradition this year when it comes to my son and his birthday. For the past 8 birthdays I have spent hundreds (along with my mom helping me out with the cost of the venue) on other kids. I've been paying for these kids to spend an hour hanging out or running around together, at least $150- $200 on goodie bags (even when I say I'm going to scale back and when I make things). I'm a party planning perfectionist. I have to have EVERYTHING matchy matchy and activities for them while they wait for food etc. This is all on top of whatever is provided at the location we choose.

I've rented party areas at parks, pizza places, trampoline places and ice cream parlors. Every year the kids get bigger, the goodie bags get better and the theme is always over the top. Then 2 hours later it's over and my wallet is way lighter.

So, this year, I decided to give my son the option to choose. Did he want to have another big birthday party or take that money and put it toward a night at the Legoland California Resort and Hotel in Carlsbad, Ca. He's been wanting to stay there for the past year so......he chose to go to the resort. While I knew this would be quite the financial undertaking for our meager budget I had to make it work. I finally got the reservations made and did manage to save 15% because of our *Merlin Passes! The unfortunate part (kind of) is that the standard rooms were sold out the night we want to stay so I sucked it up and moved it up a notch. So we spent more than I had budgeted but I know it will be worth it! We now have a "Balcony" room, which I'm sure will be pretty awesome!

Needless to say I'm pretty proud of my son making the mature choice do something for him, that he's been waiting on. There's no way we could have afforded to do the trip AND a party. So, to compromise we're taking cupcakes to the school the day he goes back after his birthday.

Now, the thing I'm preparing for is travel with my dietary issues. I tend to make everything at home and only eat out at restaurants that we know I can dine at. In case you're new around here, I have to deal with Celiac (which is a major pain but it's just part of who I am). I thought I'd check out the Legoland park allergy/dietary page and was pleasantly surprised that they have made some changes!!! They now have gluten free hotdog/hamburger buns in the park! The apple fries are also gluten free (and are a must have when you are in the park!!!).

I have emailed the Hotel/Resort asking what they have as far as gluten free options. There is a vague description of the buffet on the site but I wanted to email just to see if there was anything else available.

I will definitely be posting a review of the hotel/resort and the gluten free options; as well as a full review of the trip from the view of the birthday boy.

For now check out that Merlin Pass link above. The Merlin Pass is a monthly payment plan and gets you free parking in the Park, 10% off of all retail in the park, 20% off of food purchases, and 15% off at the Resort if you book by the end of this year! You also get free passes for 2 guests when you first sign up. It really is a bargain if you plan on going more than once.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by the blog hop! I can't wait for your review of that resort! I'm sure your son will love it! :)


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