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Monday, March 31, 2014

My Happy Monday!
I was sitting at home browsing on my computer Saturday afternoon when I came across one of my Sweat Pink sisters posts about finding the good in our Mondays. I thought this was a fantastic idea and who doesn't need a reminder of why Mondays are great? (Even though before I have that first cup of coffee I might tend to disagree with that statement!)

So in order to participate in the fun Sarah posted some questions for us to answer and link up on her blog (you can find her post by clicking the pic above.)

So let's see if I can find a happy spin to put on Monday. I'm hoping this challenge isn't more than I can handle!

What will be or has been the best part of your Monday? The best part of this particular Monday (and this is going to sound SUPER lame) will be that I can get a ton of work done. Long story short it's a lot easier to get my month end work done before the new month hits. Sounds fascinating, doesn't it?
What was the first thing that made you smile on this Monday? The first thing that makes me smile everyday is the hug I get when I wake my son up. Those hugs are even more special on Mondays because they just kind of make everything right with the world.
What are you looking forward to about your Monday? I'm actually hoping it will be a rainy day. I love rainy days (especially when I have to work!)
How did you get your Monday off to a healthy start? I love to get my day started with a 4am workout. I know it sounds crazy at times but it's really the best time for this mama to get the ol' workout in. I also like for my first meal to get me started down the healthy choices road each day. My breakfast consists of a protein/vitamin shake  with spinach, banana, peanut butter and maybe a carrot or two (I HATE carrots so the only way I can get them in my tummy is in a shake!)
What makes you the most happy about Mondays? Mondays are a brand new start. No matter if you slipped up last week, ate some junk or missed a workout on the can start it all over on Monday! Monday is a day of new beginnings.
Share a photo of your favorite meal on Monday.......this will have to be added on later. I'm posting this early in the morning and I KNOW that my favorite meal is going to be dinner! So stay tuned or check back this evening and I'll add it on!


  1. WOOAH 4am WORKOUTS!?!?! Omg I don't know how you do it, I'm super jealous!! I'm sooo not a morning person, and being up at 5:45 is already hard enough!! Good on you though! And THANK YOU for linking up!!! That's so exciting!! I'm hoping to do it weekly, so I look forward to reading more!! :) :) :)

  2. I couldn't do a 4am workout, nope, not before coffee :)

  3. Thanks girls! It's definitely hard some mornings and I wage a hardcore battle with that alarm clock It just never fails that if I wait until the afternoon/evening a million things come up and I get way too tired. I just force myself to get out of bed...then drink about a gallon of coffee!

    I'm really looking forward to more Happy Mondays!


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