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Friday, March 28, 2014

My Friday Favorite! #mammachia

Fridays shall be known from this point forward as a day to share one of my favorite things! (I hope that didn't sound too Oprah-y)

Today's object of my fangirl like obsession? Mamma Chia. I have a fin fish allergy (weird, right?). I used to eat fish,  take fish oil,  etc in order to get my healthy omegas. Well..... Once I developed my allergy I was left trying to find an easy way to work chia (the omega powerhouse) into my diet. 

I've done chia in smoothies,  in yogurt,  made chia pudding. You name it and I've probably put chia in it.

Then I started hearing about this weird chia squeeze stuff. Then I started hearing about how good it was.  Oh heck..... I'll try anything once so I went in search of the allusive chia squeeze pouch.  Couldn't find it at my normal haunts until a couple of weeks ago.  I saw it at Sprouts and gave it a go.  I had no idea what to expect (when I finally got the nerve up to try it). But what I had was amazing!  It's not slimy like some people assume. It's GOOD! It's got great flavor and a nice light texture. 

ANNNNNNND with only 70 calories of scrumptiousness you're getting a little potassium, a couple of grams of protein and a BUNCH of healthy omegas!  1200mg omega 3.......500mg omega 6 and 210mg omega 9.

The pouches are portable and make it fun to eat! 

I definitely recommend giving it a try..... even if you're not a chia fan.  The taste and health benefits will sell you on it!

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