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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lazy weekends are awesome!

It's not often we have a weekend with absolutely NOTHING on the agenda. I've normally got shopping, driving here and there, picking things up, and on and on and on.

I knew this weekend was going to be stormy so I managed to do most of the grocery shopping Friday night. It did, in fact, rain all day on Saturday so the little dude and I stayed home and watched movies, played games and did a few things around the house. We had such a great time on Saturday that we decided to continue it to Sunday and have the ULTIMATE LAZY WEEKEND Super Hero movie Marathon (thanks to the lineup on FX)!

Well, he did con me into taking him to the donut shop today. The kiddo rarely gets them so every once in a while he gets a treat. After that we got our chores done, did some yoga and now I've been challenged to a "Words with Friends" board game showdown. Wish me luck. I think he cheats..

I like to use the weekends as my  time to recharge and get ready for the week. This week in particular is always the toughest for me because I work in finance and this is the month end craziness that I don't look forward to! My food prepping is nearly done so the rest of the night is for me and the kiddo to just chill out.

Hope you all had a great weekend as well. Stay tuned for some new features, more info and some fun events coming up soon! As I've said in previous posts I'm going to be focusing ALOT more on my blog so please don't forget to follow me!

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