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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Honest Company (and my preconceived notions)

I'm a very practical person. I ask for things like workout clothes and waffle irons for Christmas. I'm a single mom and I RARELY splurge on anything for myself.

So, once day a couple of weeks ago I'm scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook and I see a special offer for FREE samples of products from the Honest Company. I kinda sorta look at it and figure, oh....what the heck. It's free. So I click on the offer. I select the "bundle" I want for my samples and I'm still waiting for the catch. I found that there was a nominal fee for shipping/handling. It was under $6, so I entered my info and hit submit.

Oh....wait.....HERE'S the catch!  If you don't delete your account or change your shipping date within 7 days of receiving your samples they'll auto ship the bundle. Hmm....ok......I'll check on it in a few days. We'll see how the products are and go from there.

Now, keep in mind my practical (and quite cynical nature). I realized this was the company that Jessica Alba started. You know, the absolute drop dead gorgeous, super fit mega star and mother of 2. Yeah. That one. Then of course the cynic that lives in my head starts..... oooooh, I'm sure it's just some pretentious products some star can slap her name on and make a ton. I bet these products are SUPER pricey and probably aren't even that great. (keep reading to see how I shut that voice up!)

Fast forward a week. I get my samples and that cynic in my head is still talking so it's a good 2 - 3 days before I even OPEN the sample pack. I started small. The laundry detergent. I put it in with a load of towels. Ok, well those towels smell fantastic. I'll try one of the other products.

So, I try the shampoo/body wash. I didn't realize at first that it was also shampoo so I just used it as a body wash. I have super sensitive skin so I figured I'd totally break out or dry out or something. Nope, quite the opposite. My skin hadn't felt that great in (literally) years. Ok, ok......the cynic is getting quieter and quieter.

I move on to the tube of healing balm. I've had this dry spot/rashy thing on my leg for about 3 weeks. Nothing will make it go away. So, what the heck. I give it a try. After 3 days the crazy spot on my leg was healing up nicely and at this point is nearly gone!

Hmmm......ok.......this ought to be the one that makes me question things. My face is a mess most of the time. Dry patches, oily patches, you know what I mean, right? Every time I try any moisturizer I either break our like a teenager or dry up like a reptile. I have to say I was simply and utterly amazed by the face and body lotion. This stuff is amazing. My face has not looked this great in YEARS! I've gotten so many compliments on my radiant skin and healthy glow (and no I'm not pregnant or anything).

I've also opened the hand soap in my bathroom. It smells fantastic and rinses clean.

So, in just a few days time, I went from a person who doubted EVERYTHING about these products to a person that is IN LOVE with them. Now, keep in mind that these products are natural AND cruelty free! So there is no guilt involved! What would you expect to pay for these types of products? I know I've seen things like this in the my local natural food stores and they are EXPENSIVE! So I really didn't think they were in my budget! I honestly hadn't looked through the website much because I didn't expect that I'd order anything after the samples. They're actually VERY affordable! (and that's coming from a very cheapy cheapskate!)

I was astounded to find that you can order a bundle of products, setup a time frame they'll ship (once a month, every couple of months etc) and have them delivered to your home for way cheaper then you would pay in the store. Plus, not all of the products are available everywhere, and you can choose your own bundle so you're not running all over trying to find the product you want. It's definitely cheapest to order a bundle.

Now, here I am, totally giddy with excitement and ready to order my bundle and my dang debit card was compromised at one of the stores I was shopping at this weekend so I can't order my bundle until my new card gets here!

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