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Friday, February 07, 2014

A Busy 48 hours!

Sometimes the life of a mom is anything but dull but the pas 48 hours have completely cray cray!

I picked up the kiddo on Wednesday and he felt "weird"...... well that narrows it down. So I figured ok, we'll go run an errand, head home and maybe he can hit the hay early. By the time we got home...about 15 minutes later he was in a massive downward spiral! His head was hurting bad, he was shaking, pale and burning up. Yep......THE FLU!!!!! My poor sweet little man had been stricken by the flu. This child NEVVER complains so I knew that he wasn't feeling well.

Thursday we had Mimi (my mom) to the rescue! The problem with my job is that we cannot take the first 5 business days off. It's our month end and I swear the only time my kiddo gets sick is during month end. Ugh.  So my mom came over and I was able to go in super duper early and get everything done....and work a little late. I was making time up because I had been planning on taking Friday Feb 7th off for quite some time. It's the equivalent of a national holiday in our house! But......then the flu hit. I still wasn't sure if the kiddo would be recovered enough to go to the movie (which I already purchased tickets to). He was still pretty sick on Thursday evening so I decided he could stay home from school on Friday and I would call in to work, since I was only going to go in for a couple of hours anyway.

Now we've to today (which is also my bro's 43rd birthday.....he's MUCH older)......

Me and the Bro circa 1977
But it's not just a birthday.....TODAY is the day my little Legomaniac son has been waiting for.....FOR MONTHS! It's the day the Lego Movie opens. We had planned on him going to school for part of the day and catching a 1pm show. Buuuuuuut.......since he was sick I wasn't even sure we were going to be able to go. One of the things that happened as soon as I realized he had the fever on Weds was that he broke down in tears asking about the movie plans for Friday. Luckily the fever broke on Thurs and little man was able to sleep in on Friday morning. That + cold meds = we made it to the show!

The movie was AWESOME.....and if you've seen it....once you read the word'll have that evil, catchy tune stuck in your head! "EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!". I think we'll probably go see it at least one more time in the theater. His birthday party plans (for May) have changed from a Minion theme to a Lego Movie theme. Odds are we'll have to custom make alot of the stuff......unless by some act of God (and Lego) there are party supplies with the movie theme by May.

If we hit the free Lego build tomorrow at TRU I'll post a pic or two. It's supposed to be a build for Emmett's car from the movie. Oh - and if you happen to pass a McDonalds they DO have the 3D Lego Movie Cups! ( and yes, they are AWESOME!) 

This was opening TODAY and I bought tickets 2 weeks ago!
This is a sick child all doped up on cold meds.



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