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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Why are weekends always too short?

I had big plans for this weekend and I'm pretty sure I only got about 5% of my planned stuff done. Geesh.

Friday we had Thanksgiving at work AND at my sons school. Long day. We as also had to say goodbye to a great student. Their family is moving out of state so that was a rough thing for my little dude.

Then Saturday was taken over by errands, a trip to Sam's club and a mystery shop. Then....well....Doctor Who. Yep, I'm one of those obsessed Whovians.

Today started off strong but I ended up with a nasty migraine and laid on the couch most of the afternoon. The pictures we had done of Josh turned out great. We went to the Picture People. The package started out at $180, used my coupon and got it down t $18.00 then used an expired Groupon and got it down to $2.00 then with tax it ended up being $3.44!! My son told me I'm a savings ninja!

Also, Elf4Health started today!!!!!

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