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Sunday, November 03, 2013

When does it slow down?

I, for some reason, thought I might get a couple of slow weeks before the holiday rush started. What the heck was I thinking?

After two weeks of being a slacker in the kitchen AND the workouts. Soooooo, starting tomorrow at 4am FOCUS T25 is starting, again. I've been gluten free for a year now and I've been working my ass off for 8 months.... so I'm determined not to let the holiday feeding frenzy get to me this year. I already fell victim to the evilness that are the Fun Size mini Hershey bars. I was just trying to save my kid from eating all that sugar. It's because I care, really.

This week, on top of working off the chocolate, I'll be reviewing the goodies in my Vox Box that came last week! Stay tuned! There will product reviews, workout accountability, holiday sales and some great kids activities coming up soon.

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