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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The half birthday?

Ever since my son was born we've celebrated his half birthday,  which falls on November 16th. Since he had such a rough start I wanted to celebrate every moment we could. Though some people probably think he's a tad spoiled,  they probably don't know all of the problems he encountered before he was born and shortly after he arrived.  I take the criticism with a grain of salt.

This date holds extra importance to us though because it was my great great aunt's birthday.  She never had children but was the most amazing little woman.  I was always very close to her.  She and Josh have a bond that goes beyond this world. He never got the chance to meet her.  I called my mom early one morning to tell her I was pregnant and moments later she called to tell me my little aunt had passed away. Fast forward to when Josh was about 6 months old..... out of nowhere, he started babbling her name. I guess she stopped by to celebrate her birthday.

So, no matter how old he gets,  we will celebrate Josh's half and also honor my little aunt.  He's very happy to share that special day with his great great great aunt.  ♥

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