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Friday, November 08, 2013

Feel the Inferno!!!!

Today I was talking to a friend and we've both been having a rough time lately.  Feeling down in the dumps,  like we haven't lost weight, etc.  This girl that I was talking to has been a freaking Rockstar!  She's lost 80lbs and looks amazing. I know I've been rocking my journey as well.  But,  we both just feel blah.  So she mentioned how she was thinking about doing the 5 Day Inferno.... with Turbofire.  So I figured to help her out,  and get my own ass in gear, I'd join her!  We start Tuesday!  Want in? It's only 5 little bitty days!  Want more info?  Drop me a line!

Remeber,  to get ready for that bikini next summer...... you need to sweat in the winter! Don't give in to the fall/winter feeding frenzy! ;)

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