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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm in love...... with espresso coconut water!

You know when you have something that you know is going to be so good you just don't want to use it because you don't want it to be gone? Well..... that's the way I feel about Zola products.  They sent me this beauty, which arrived on my birthday (wasn't that sweet of them?) And I've been "saving it" since 9/20. Today I just couldn't wait any longer and I popped it open at lunch.  Oh good lawd IT IS DELICIOUS! Here are the key points to remember:
1. I hated plain coconut water,  until Zola
2. NATURAL ingredients
3. Gluten free
4. NO preservatives
6. Essential electrolytes
7. Caffeine = 2oz espresso
8. Supports natural hydration
9. Distributed by Zola in SF
I don't want this can of magic to end but I'm going to enjoy every drop!
I'm not sure what I was expecting but even though I LOVE Zola coconut water I wasn't sure how this Espresso stuff would be. The drink is really smoooooth and the flavor is so perfectly balanced. Some coffee type drinks have a strange aftertaste or are too acidic. This drink is neither. There is no bitterness or acidic ickiness. Just pure, good tasting natural hydration.....with a kick.
If you like coconut water you must try it! If you like coffee, you must try it! If you think you don't like coconut water try it anyway because I didn't like coconut water until Zola came into my life.
Now please remember, I'm the person that will NOT give a thumbs up if I don't like the product.....which has earned me some criticism from other bloggers. Yes, Zola did give me product to try in exchange for my honest review. I tried the product and reviewed accordingly. I get no financial gain from this review.  

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