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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Plot Twist!

I've been away from this for a while. My blog had been on the road to becoming something that wasn't me, which isn't good when the name of your blog is "This is me..."

I had been hearing from a lot of other people telling me I needed to choose a direction. If I'm going to talk about fitness I shouldn't talk about parenting. If I'm going to talk about parenting I shouldn't talk about bargains and health. Well, you know what? I WILL talk about all of those things. Why, because that's me!

I'm a gluten free mom on a mission of health and nutrition for myself and my family. I'm passionate about ending the trend of obesity but I'm also passionate about saving a buck. My life doesn't fit into one pretty little category and neither will my blog. As of today it's a fresh start. I'll be posting regularly on a variety of topics. It could be funny, it could be mommy-centric, it could be about killing my workout, it could be a great recipe that I want to share or it could be just a big ol' vent sesh. One thing is for certain, it will be me, 100% me.

I am also going to be getting back to my honest and opinionated product reviews. That's another area I received criticism. I was told that you shouldn't post a review if you don't like the product. I'm sorry but what's the point of a product review if everything is always sunshine and rainbows? I feel like you lose credibility if you post JUST the positive things. What if there is an issue with a product that might be a big deal to reader? I would rather give honest feedback to the company so they can fix/update any issues and make it the best it can be......instead of just saying "It was the best thing ever" and plastering up a fakey review. If I have given a raving review its because I really and truly love the product.

Hopefully that didn't come off sounding snarky or mean. It's just honest. I've missed my blogging but I was basically attacked one day on another forum when I mentioned the fact that I address a variety of topics and I give honest reviews. Sorry to those that might not like it....but take me as I am because This is me and that's all I can and will be. :)

I hope you follow along on my adventures to everyday life and my weightloss journey. I'll be posting an update on that haps in that arena in the next day or so. For now I've got to get some dinner going for us and get some laundry done. We have an adventure to get ready for.....we're going on a day trip adventure in the AM. It's not far but it's a annual trip that we do and we have a blast. Pics to follow in the next day or so.