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Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's officially Fall!

We made it up to Apple Hill today and it was fantastic! The temperature was perfect! Sunny and breezy with puffy white clouds. It was amazing. We got up there later than we usually do so we took a different route then usual. The boys got to eat their apple cider donuts and I got to watch. I did however get to enjoy a delicious apple-pear cider at the Jack Russell. I admit, I also shared some really good garlic fries and those were equally wonderful!

I felt a little guilty after enjoying the fries and cider so I did hit the gym for a little cardio after we got back to town. I should've done more but at least I burned a couple hundred calories to make myself feel a tad better.

However, I do have to say after watching the guys noshing on those donuts this morning I wanted some sort of treat myself. So I found this great pumpkin mug cake recipe. I just made it and it was SO good! I added a little whipped cream too. I'll start back on the super clean eating starting first thing tomorrow! I just used my gluten free flour in place of the flour the recipe uses. Worked perfectly!