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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Zola Coconut Water *YUM*

First things first. I need to disclose that I was given the products from Zola with the agreement that I would do an honest product review for those products. I was offered this opportunity as a sweatpink ambassador. I was not paid for this review, just given products in exchange for my opinion.

Ok, now onto the real business!

I am always a skeptic with new products. Especially when it's something that you're constantly hearing about on all of the health websites and in the fitness magazines. It seems that anything revolving around coconut is trendy these days. Coconut oil (skeptic at first but now it's in my cupboard), coconut milk (which I do have once in a while), coconut milk yogurt (which I admit is pretty damn good and is my dairy free treat as of late) and last but certainly not least......coconut water. I have tried many types of coconut water and they have all tasted like something that may have been good at one point but had then been marinated in sweat socks and dirt. So when I was offered the chance to review some new great coconut water I thought, what the heck. What can it hurt to try.

Well, all that it hurt was my hatred of coconut water. I'll tell it to you straight. I swear. I got two, rather large cans of Zola coconut water. Both were 17.5 ounces (which was 2 servings per can). There were two types. One with pulp and one without. I really didn't care for the can with the pulp and I couldn't drink the whole thing. I just cant do chunks in my drink. However, in between those chunks I was intrigued by the flavor. So the next day I took the other can to work with me to enjoy after lunch. It was AMAZING! Yep....and just like that I became a fan of coconut water! Not just any coconut water.....I'm still afraid to try any other brand because Zola was the first one that I EVER liked....much less loved. I was lucky enough to find it on sale at Sprouts and stocked up. 99 cents a can, um, yes please!

What makes Zola so great? I have no idea. I assume they put some sort of magic in each can. Well, that and probably the fact that it's made with 100% pure natural coconut water and it's NOT made from concentrate. It's vegan and gluten free (essential to my gluten free way of life). In the very unlikely chance that you don't like it they offer a 100% money back guarantee. I personally have issues with potassium and I get SO tired of bananas. One serving of Zola coconut water has more potassium than a banana. It has the essential electrolytes that your body needs (sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium). Did I mention that it's 100% natural with no sugar added and supports natural hydration? Well, it does.

So, in short I would HIGHLY recommend you try this coconut water. Even if you've NEVER been a fan of coconut water (like myself) Zola could totally change your mind. I like to take about half a serving and mix it with my morning Shakeology for a little something special!

By the way - I love their slogan "Crack the coconut".