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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Illness, road trips and onions, OH MY!!

Wow, what a few weeks! Just when I think I'm about to get some downtime things go CrAzY!!!!

About three weeks ago I started to get what I thought was some issues with my allergies. I started treating this "thing" like allergies and nothing seemed to be helping. My throat nearly closed up, I was taking benedryl just to keep the airway open. I ended up at Urgent Care on a Sunday morning and they thought it was strep. Wait just a sec.....nope. Not strep. They even seemed shocked so they sent out for a second test to be done at another location. I was told the basic things to do (gargle with salt water, throat drops, etc). Nothing really seemed to be helping. I get the call from the Urgent Care that the results were in.....not strep! Seriously? The pain I was feeling in my throat was worse than my labor pain! But wait....there's more! There seemed to be some sort of thing in the back of my throat and it started draining, which led to the vomiting.....and more vomiting......and even some more vomiting. Long story short I've been vomiting and fighting the sore throat for almost three weeks. I called the Dr back and they didn't really have any ideas for me. All they could suggest was Benedryl and Pepto. Gee, thanks. I think WebMD gave more advice! So, I gave in and started looking into the old school methods. My mom suggested the "onion remedy" and I also heard about putting onions on your feet. Well crap, by this point what do I have to lose? Right?

Sooooo.......yesterday on the way home I was feeling MISERABLE. My dear mother picked up my kiddo from school and took him to her house so I could go to the store and do a few things around the house. I stopped and got a buttload of yellow onions. Once bed time hit and I had the little guy all settled in I cut an onion in half. One half was in a bowl on my night stand and the other was cut into smaller portions that I put on my feet and then put my socks on. I really didn't think this would work. I could barely swallow when I went to bed and couldn't even get a Benedryl down in one swallow. I was shocked to wake up with minimal throat pain and the swelling had gone down. I could not believe it! I'm trying it again tonight to see if I can completely cure myself. Take THAT modern medicine!!!

While suffering from this nasty throat condition (which was officially a viral throat infection) we decided to go to LEGOLAND California. We had been planning on going and didn't realize at the time that it would be during the grand opening of the new LEGOLAND Hotel. I wish we had been able to stay there, but we will hopefully get the chance in the Fall when we go back. We have annual passes and intend to go back to LEGOLAND as often as humanly possible! We love that place and this time we had the chance to go to the Sea Life Aquarium, which Josh loved. One of the great things was when we arrived at the park. We left Sacramento around 3am and got to the park around 10:30am. I had no idea that Sacramento's own Mark S Allen would be there. He has been so wonderful to my kiddo over the past 2 years. Most recently Josh was on Mark at the Movies talking about the movie "The Croods", which we saw at a special screening thanks to Mark. Well, within 20 minutes of arriving I found out Mark/GoodDay Sacramento had been doing a live shot at the new hotel. I said "Oh, it'll be cool if we see him".....and there he was! He introduced Josh, myself and my mom to his beautiful family (who are all just as sweet as they are cute). That just set the pace for my little guy. Mark is his idol and it was a fantastic start to his LEGOLAND adventure! We rode rides, watched some Chima 4D action, met some characters and of course had some apple fries!

With all of this illness and everything I have been completely unable to workout. So, starting on Monday I'm hitting the reset button! That will be a separate post that I'll do soon I'lll probably also be posting weekly updates, maybe even daily if I'm up to it. I have to give up coffee for at least 21 days......this could get ugly!!!

If you'd like any info on the crazy onion remedy message me. I will try this remedy EVERYTIME I start getting sick in the future! It may be crazy but it works!!!!

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