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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Week 1 Summary (RESULTS!!!)

I didn't get to blog for a couple of days due to meetings and school functions so I thought I'd just summarize the rest of the week in my week 1 summary.

All in all I have to say Week 1: Reclaim, was a success! It was way easier than I thought it would be. I was afraid of a lot of the foods on the meal plan so I went in a little apprehensive.

I will say this for anyone going into the reset.... Food prep is your friend. I was already a food prepper and I assume most people doing the reset already do prep their food to an extent. You'll want to watch the videos that come with the reset, you'll want to read the book and you'll want to make sure that you prep the foods listed on the Day 1-7 prep tip page. They really do make this easy for your. If there are foods that you absolutely cannot tolerate or have an allergy to, there are alternate meals available toward the back of the book. I despise I made a few changes. I'm also allergic to fin fish, so obviously the salmon was out. There were also a few days that I was just exhausted while getting over the loss of my dear friend I went to the Reset in a Crunch page more than once!

By mid week my energy levels had started to level out. I was still dealing with major temperature fluctuations. I'm still noticing that a bit, but not to the extent I was mid-later in the week. Mid week also found me loving foods that I had never tried because I was sure they were gross. I will say right here and now that quinoa will be a staple in my diet from this point forward. Also, lentil lime salad is a new favorite and I was convinced it would be disgusting.

One thing a lot of people do not like at all about the Reset is the Alkalinize drink. I really didn't mind it the first day and the drink grew on me during the week. I was diluting it as much as I could but yesterday I was on the run and used a much smaller water bottle to mix it in and it tasted even better in my opinion! However, I will tell you right now that I've always had major food allergies and had to drink/eat some strange stuff over the course of my life. So I do have some odd taste sometimes!

The little pouch that comes with the Reset kit is so convenient and makes life easy! You can fit all of your capsules and packets in there and throw in in your purse. Once you get a few days in the schedule becomes second nature.

Today is my normal food prep day (it was even before the Reset) so I got my produce yesterday and went to get the rest of what we needed at the grocery store today. I'm fully prepared to go all vegan over the next two weeks. I have to admit that this has actually been fun. I'm kind of scared about starting the detox drinks I will be posting an update after I get home from picking up the little man.

In case you were wondering......over the first 7 days I've lost 7 lbs. I haven't measured the inches lost yet but I know I've lost them. My tight jeans from last weekend are on right now and I don't even have to unbutton them to get them off. Those are results in my opinion! I'll post an update with the inches lost when I get to that later today. Right now I have to go finish prepping my food for the week.

As always, I must say that I am in no way blogging this to get anyone to sign up. I'm just doing it to document my journey. I've been documenting my weightloss journey off and on since I started and the Beachbody system has been getting me the results I've wanted faster than anything else.

Week 1 summary of Pros/Cons:

CONS: The first day you're so tired you'd punch a baby for a cup of coffee, you want coffee, you need to get used to the schedule, you may experience muscle aches, I reaaaaaaaaallllly miss my Shakeology and temperature fluctuations.

PROS: You quickly level out your energy by day 4 or 5, the temperature spikes mellow out by day 7, the muscle aches subside, you sleep so well and wake up rested, you don't really feel hungry if you time your meals just right, alkalinize is actually pretty good and I look forward to drinking it every afternoon, the recipes and food are wonderful and easy to prepare, you may find new foods that you didn't know you liked and you're body is freeing itself of toxins which means any bloating will decrease and things are pretty mellow in the bathroom (in case you thought it was one of "THOSE" kinds of's not!).

If you have any questions regarding Team Beachbody or the Ultimate Reset please let me know.

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