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Friday, January 04, 2013

Adventures at the DMV

Did you know that when you move and you change the address on your vehicle registration that the registration file is not linked to your address on file for your driver's license?

Well, I sure didn't.

I was entering my DL info for something I was applying for and all of the sudden I had one of those "WTH!" Moments. Yep, I've been driving with an expired license since September!

Now, I'm the kind of person that gets freaked out by this sort of thing. So I called the DMV and found it's because I didn't update the address and my renewal went to my old apartment. The man I spoke to, Jason, told me that he'd schedule me an appt. It was for next Thurs. I decided I couldn't wait that long and took an early lunch and headed over there.

TWO HOURS LATER.....I finally got back to work. I learned that no matter what time or what day you go to the DMV you can find THE most ignorant and nasty people. There was a small section of us "normal" folk all sitting together. I learned that some people will wear clothes that are too small (by a few sizes) and think they look hot.....when they really look awful because their muffin top is majorly spilling out. I learned that there is apparently a tow company in the area that sells the cars they impound....and there is a group of people that frequent that tow place. And last, but certainly not least, I learned that no amount of hand sanitizer will make you feel clean.*shiver*

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