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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hi. I'm a slacker.

So, once againg I've been bad at posting. Uber busy with holiday prep and all that jazz.

Things I've done:
~We went to Legoland
~We went to the pumpkin patch
~I ran into an ex boyfriend at the grocery store, thought he moved to GA so that was unpleasant
~I've gone low carb and lost about 15lb in 3 weeks
~I know I'm allergic to all fin fish, not just anchovies like I thought
~I went to the drive in with the little man to see Wreck it Ralph

That's pretty much all of the good stuff.  I've found some great low carb recipes that I'll post soon. Easy and yummy.....good stuff!

I haven't been able to do my foodie swap lately due to finances but hope to start back up in Jan. :)

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