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Monday, October 08, 2012

Somedays it's a little harder...

Sure I'm overly sarcastic and moody at times. However I do like to think that I always try to find some sort of bright side to every situation.

We're currently planning on heading to Southern CA for a quick little Legoland vacation sometime this month. Funds are already tight. Then the Buick decides it's time for window regulator #3 to break. I scraped together some moolah and got the part. Jeff was installing it today and by the time he was done my battery died. Seriously?!? So he managed to get the car started and we drove to the auto parts store. Buh bye $108.73 of the Legoland fund, hello new functional battery.

This was all kind of making my day seem quite craptastic. Then I got to will always be tight. That's my choice in a way. I'm a single mom with a kiddo in private school (want him to have the best possible education). We drive a hand me down car, but it gets us from A to B. The bills get paid, though sometimes it's a struggle and we always have groceries in the house. We both get most of our clothes 2nd hand, but we don't care. The struggles will always be here but this kiddo has never been on a real vacation and he deserves it. No matter what struggles I have I know I have one thing that is very special. I have an amazing young man who I share a very special bond with. I am blessed to have a happy, healthy, smart and loving little boy to come home to everyday. He is why I sacrifice and he is why I am willing to struggle. He is the reason I work hard and he is the reason I want to be the best person I can be.  So, no matter how little money we have or how old the clothes are I have a great kid....and THAT is what matters most to me. That right there...that's my bright side for today....and for most days. I love my kiddo.

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