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Friday, October 05, 2012

September Foodie PenPal Swap

September Foodie PenPal

                       The Lean Green Bean

 I feel terrible that I didn't post in time. With my little guy and I being sick for a couple of weeks I was totally off my game.

However, I got an amazing package from my partner! It came at a time when I felt super sick and it was on my Bday too! Everything was amazing! The grilling sauce was used as soon as I was over the sttuffed up portion of my cold (when I could taste again) and the jam has been my waffle topping and it is SOOO good! The tea is so great and now that we're finally having some cool mornings it's been a nice treat at work.
My partner did a great job!

I was one lucky girl!!!

Some of my goodies from my September PenPal

Would you like to know more? Want to be a Foodie PenPal too? Visit Lindsey over at The Lean Green Bean and sign up! I've been doing this for a few months and I LOVE IT!!!! Not only have I received some great goodies but I've discovered a few new friends and great blogs along the way!

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