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Saturday, September 01, 2012

My new arch enemy: anchovies

I know it will be shocking to find out that I was a nerdy little kid with glasses and food allergies. I thought adulthood would be different, but I was mistaken. Still have the glasses and still have some food allergies.

I thought I was down to just my wheat intolerance/allergy and my strawberry allergy. Just when I thought I had it all figured out I was attacked by the worst enemy of all.......ANCHOVIES.

Long story short: over the past few years I've reacted strangely to some types of caeser dressing. So, I've avoided it. We had lunch provided yesterday at work. I grabbed my chicken wrap and went to sit outside with some co-workers. I took a bite of my wrap and thought it was really good. I took another bite and thought "Awwww crap, no way"...I asked a friend if it was caeser and she confirmed. I didn't say anything but stopped eating that. I ate my fruit and chit chatted waiting to see if anything would happen. I didn't know for sure if it had anchovies in it.

A few minutes later I could feel the heat. My friend said "You're really red"...... Well....the dressing DID apparently contain anchovies.

So after the flushed skin, heat and dizziness the allergic reaction triggered an asthma attack. After a few hours everything was mostly back to normal. My chest still hurts today but it's all good.

The thing to know is this: apparently majority of the "fin fish" allergies occur during adulthood. Mine has been just the last few years. There is something in the protein on the skin of the fish that trigger the reaction. I can eat shellfish and shrimp just fine. Apparently I "should" be fine with canned tuna and salmon also. Just nothing with the skin still on. I never thought I'd be checking labels for "anchovy" byproducts. Ewww.

The more you know.....

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