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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My kickass Buick.

I was lucky enough to get my kickass Buick Regal handed down to me from my mom. You are probably thinking "Really? Kickass? Buick?" Yeah, yeah, I know. Those two words don't usually occur together. I've always seen tons of, um, older people driving them. That's cool, beause if I park in a sea of old people cars I just look for the one with a kids booster seat and Dutch Bros sticker on the back.

Anyway, here's one reason my car is kickass: I was at Barnes & Noble yesterday spending way too much money because I "needed" new books for me and J. So I get in the car and check my path, everything is clear and I start to backup. Once I stop I realize someone else is backing up too....INTO ME!!!!! Helloooooooo! Buick here! So the older lady stopped, once she realized she couldn't backup any further because she was stuck on said Buick. She pulls forward. I got out and checked our cars. The tank, um, I mean Buick, is fine. One teensy scratch and no real damage. Her PT Cruiser now has some scratches but nothing major. I checked to see if she was ok. She was, I was, no harm no foul. We parted and went on our way(s). Now I get why all the old people drive these cars! They're kickass and don't damage easily when you back into stuff (or get backed into).

By the way, I'm still loopy on cold meds. So if there is any rambling or craziness on here I am sorry. It's all brought to you fom the folks at Bayer, who make Alka seltzer plus daytime cold meds.

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