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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kleenex Clean Hands Campaign

I can tell you, as a mom, when you use the hand towel in your childs bathroom to dry your hands there is always that little nagging voice saying "Do you really want to use that?" I have a 7 yr old boy. Do I really need to explain? God only knows what is on that hand towel!

So when I got home today and found the uber cute Kleenex #cleanhands Campaign kit on my doorstep I was elated! I ripped that sucker open with the grace of a drunken, half blind, one pawed grizzly bear! Withing minutes I had the bathroom arranged with our new Kleenex hand towels on the counter for little hands to use. Uh...and my hands because I know when I use the Kleenex towels I will have clean hands when I leave the little mans bathroom!

Thank you Kleenex for making these products! Now if there was some way to get a few boxes for our little school I could change the sink at a time!

I am a Kleenex Brand Fan!

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