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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ever wonder what a mystery shopper does?

I'd be happy to tell you! I've been mystery shopping off and on since Josh was an infant.

As a single mom on a super tight budget we don't have alot of extra dinero to go out to eat. However, if I can get that meal reimbursed and make a few bucks to boot, heck, I'm game!

In the past few months I've gotten free groceries, free RoundTable pizza, movie tickets and meals at some pretty nice places. I even "had" to have a couple of drinks with dinner at Chevy's. I've made a few hundred dollars, which is pretty nice. Plus it's given us the opportunity to go try new restaurants that we normally wouldn't be able to afford.

You can also mystery shop while on vacation. Many theme parks are on various shopper boards or you can try new restaurants, retail locations, etc that are in you vacation destination area. Any way you look at's a good deal.

Now you're probably saying "ok, you get all this free stuff but what do you really have to do?" That's a great question.

Most of the time I have to do very basic things: keep track of the time it takes to be greeted, place your order, complete the transaction and receive your order. You need to have keen observational skills and stellar written communication skills. You'll need to see how many people are working, if messes are being cleaned, if a manager is on duty, is the food accurate temp, is the bathroom clean, get names of servers that help you etc. You need to submit your report, receipt and sometimes pictures within a certain timeframe.

It's pretty fun. It's like I'm a spy. You never reveal what you're doing or who you are.....unless it's a reveal bonus shop.

If any of this sounds remotely interesting drop me a line in the comment section and I'll get you some info. BTW, you should never ever have to pay to be a shopper! If anyone tries to charge you it's a scam!


  1. I am about to be jobless for awhile and could use some extra income and fun too. I'd love some info!

    erin - (

  2. Hey Erin! First let me say I'm sorry you're about to be jobless, I know how that goes. I was unemployed for about 9 months after my son was born. That's actually when I found mystery shopping. I'm going to email you in just a bit with the best places (at least the best ones in MY opinion). It's such a super easy and fun way to make extra money and most of the time they're willing to work with you. For instance, this weekend my son is SICK and we're stuck at home so I had reschedule 5 mystery shops, all but one was ok with that. Anyway....check your email in a bit :)


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