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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Classroom plastic cup organzer

First things's what you'll need:
  1. Cupholders
  2. Enough cups to fill all spots of the cupholders
  3. Spray paint
  4. Scrapbook paper (12x12 works best)
  5. 1-2 pieces of cardstock
  6. Pencil
  7. Scissors
  8. Clear Contact Paper (it's hard to find, I found one roll at Michaels)
  9. Adhesive
About a week before summer camp was over Josh's teacher told me this vision she had of using plastic (throw away kind) cups and the ones you can get at coffee shops. Well, she wanted to have these cups covered and cute. The whole thing sounded crazy to me but I said "sure!"

So I got the goods donated from Dutch Bros of Citrus......
(10 small cups, 10 large cups and 5 cupholders)

10 cups from the awesome and delish Dutch Bros of Citrus Heights
5 cupholders from Dutch Bros of CH

Then it was time to choose some spray paint colors. The spray paint was for the cupholders. I had the turquoise and green but needed one more color so I picked up some purple at Walmart.

Turquoise, Lime Green and Plum rattle cans

Then I went through the oodles of scrapbook paper and found 20 cute and bright sheets. (12x12)
Then....and this by far the hardest part....I made the templates for the paper. I had 2 sizes of cups so I needed 2 sizes of templates. I took a piece of cardstock (1 for each size cup) and wrapped it around the cup and just started snipping off the overhang. I finally got it just right and then traced and cut out all 20 sheets of scrapbook paper. Since I was in the tracing and cutting zone I went ahead and did 20 pieces of clear contact paper. (It will make sense, I promise).
I picked 20 sheets of fun scrappin' paper
Then made my template, traced and cut.

Scrapbook paper, clear contact paper, time and patience

Then I needed a break from cutting so I did a little spreay painting....on my apartment patio. I'm sure the neighbors thought I was huffing it! Those cupholders soak up alot of paint!!!!

I think my lungs were those colors!

Then came the tricky part. I needed to get the paper on the cups. I used some roller adhesive (from Staples) and got the paper lined up and stuck on. Then I covered the paper with the clear contact paper. Adds some strength to the cup and protects the paper as well.
Wrapped with paper and contact paper. Time to stick in the cupholders. Turns out the glue wasn't necessary.

Once they were all covered I stuck them in the cupholders. I was going to glue them in but they stuck in there so well I didn't need the glue. (The glue is pictured above, but was not used)
Time to deliver to the school and hope the teacher approves!

Then we had this amazingly cute organizer. I admit it.... I really didn't think it would be this cute!
They were even cuter once they were in the classroom!

She likes them! She really likes them! I made 5 total. Four are here for the kids supplies and one is on the teachers table for her own goodies! Check out that box of glue sticks down below, impressive, huh?

Just having a little fun before delivery!

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