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Sunday, November 20, 2011

thredUP....the best value on the web!

I consider myseslf super lucky because I have been a member of this amazing online service for quite some time. I haven't sent as many boxes as I'd like but I'm working on it. Using thredUP is almost too easy to use!

What is thredUP? I'm glad you asked! It's this simple: It's an online place where parents can exchange gently used kids clothing, toys and more. It is so simple to use even a single mom with very limited time can find time to use it! Who wouldn't want to earn a little extra cash AND exchange kids clothing?

Here's a step by step of what you need to do:
1. Sign up for a thredUP account
2. thredUP will have medium flat rate USPS boxes shipped to you (if you're in a hurry, you can grab them for free at your local post office.
3. Clean out your kids closet(s) and dresser(s)
4. Post a Box on thredUP (include a description of your items and make sure you pack that box! If you're not sure how to get the most in the box there are video tutorials on the site)
5. *OPTIONAL* "Like" thredUP on facebook and post a picture of the items in the box (gets them picked much faster)

That's it for listing.....then you wait. Once your box is picked thredUP will email you and you will get a message on your thredUP account indicating that your box has been chosen. Once you receive this message you need to:
1. Click the print postage box. thredUP does it all for you! The postage you print will have your info, the ship to info and the actual postage on it. Tape that to your box, put the signed form that also prints out in the box.
2. Seal your thredUP box.
3. Either have the postal carrier pick up at your house (which is the default setting, you have to choose to drop off at the PO if you don't want the carrier to come to your door)
4. Wait for your box to be received by the lucky recipient and they will rate you!

For every box you send and get rated on you will then have another "pick" added to your account. thredUP keeps things very fair and you can't go in and pick everything. You have to list/ship in order to pick a box. You can also earn up to $10 per box if you become a super thredder! I keep my cash on my account to put it toward new picks. You do have to pay the shipping on boxes you pick, which is fair. Unlike other places you DON'T have to pay to ship your own package and you don't have to wait for payment. The postage wizards at thredUP take care of it all.

I find that thredUP is one of those rare companies that REALLY listens to what their customers want/need and evolve with us, and the economy. They listen AND respond which is something you don't find much in this day and age!

To prove my point, they are in the midst of doing it yet again!!! They are now offering a concierge service. You fill a bag, drop it off to ship and they do the rest. I'm in the midst of filling a bag RIGHT NOW! (and you still get the credit on your account).

I listed three boxes last night. Two were picked almost instantly and one was picked a few minutes, yes I said MINUTES later! I do post the box info on Facebook as well and it speeds up the process.

Helpful Tips:
1. Make sure the clothes you are listing are clean, in good shape and something you would like to receive
2. "Like" them on FB so you can share your listing info there as well
3. Don't be too harsh when rating the clothes you receive. Remember these are used clothes and have been worn by little people.
4. If you're like me and have a little boy that's always on his knees in the dirt MAKE SURE YOU INDICATE the discoloration in the description in your listing. That way the recipient won't be shocked when there is a little light stain on the knees!

With all of that being said.......go check it out! You won't be sorry!!!!!!


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