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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lego goodie bags and Lego cupcakes.....yep...I'm that mom

I'm making this short and sweet because I'm pooped and still have things to do.......

The goodie bags turned out well even though the stickers aren't holding them closed very well. They'll work.

Lego goodie bags

Lego cupcakes.....the pink frosting is because Josh wanted strawberry frosting. He told me that there are no "boy or girl colors....just colors"

Got a dozen boxes just in case the munchkins don't want their cupcakes at the party since we're having ice cream as well......they'll be all hopped up on the sugar!

All in all I think tomorrow will be a wonderful and fun filled day. I'm so excited for Josh. He'll get to see his best buddies and quite a few friends from school. He's just stoked. Then we're off to the zoo on Monday and taking donuts to school on Tuesday. Then....I guess I'll start planning for next year!

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