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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Joshie Birthday Extravaganza 2011

The dust is finally settling after the 3 day long Extravaganza of Joshieness that welcomed Josh into the fast paced world of a 6 year old.

Day 1: Sunday, May 15th - the birthday party at Leatherby's. It was a great party. Josh was very selective on the guest list and it turned out that everything worked out perfectly. His best buddies were there, everyone got along and they were all so stinking cute I could barely stand it. (pictures to follow) Everyone played with real Lego's, Lego type candy (that you could actually build with) and had some yummy ice cream and cupcakes (as well as cupcakes to take home since I went a little overboard with the cupcakes....I know....ME? Going overboard? Nooooo!). Josh got some wonderful gifts from his friends . I hope nobody got offended by his wishlist....I made him do that so I would know what to get him. I'm his mother and I can barely remember what he already has!

Day 2: Monday, May 16th - the ACTUAL birthday. Josh and I both played hooky. We were going to go to the zoo but since Mother Nature wasn't being very cooperative we opted to stay home and play all day long. I gave him quite a few alternate options that we could do but he just wanted to stay home and play. I got a very small ice cream cake which we ate when he actually turned 6 (4:37pm).

Day 3: Tuesday, May 17th - the classroom celebration and the gifts I ordered FINALLY arrived. Josh wanted donuts from "the good place" so I got up at the crack of dark and got ready. I just had to go down to Family Donut at San Juan/Fair Oaks for THE best donuts around. Now, please note that there IS a donut shop on the corner near out house, but those just wouldn't do. So I went to the good place and 2 dozen of those wonderful little sugary doughy treats! Josh was stoked and from what I hear they went over well at school. Then when I picked him up and we got home I got to assemble the "Battle of Geonosis" Lego Star Wars set. He had been so patient waiting for the good gifts from mama to arrive! He also got a super cute Lego wallet......which was perfect because he opened up a card from Papa and Grama that had a $20 in it.

Now that it's been a little over a week since it all wrapped up I think I'm recovered.....I think. I have to get busy on the Thank You notes....I'll write 'em up and the big man will sign them.  Will try to post pics of the Extravaganza in the near future.

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