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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lego Party Time!

I've realized that Josh's birthday will never be a "normal" event. So far every year we've decided on a theme we've had to make due and come up with our own thing in order to get the decorations we want.

In recent years I've had to take a DVD to the bakery in order to get the picture of the Baby Einstein caterpiller I wanted on the cake for Bday #1. Had to order from various websites in order to have the 2 Thomas the Train bday's we wanted. Last year it was IMPOSSIBLE to find any Lego Star Wars party items (which are available EVERYWHERE this year, thanks alot, really) and this year you would think it would be a cinch to find regular cute Lego party invitations.....not so much. So my paper punch and cardstock scoring blade went to work......

Now I have all of the invites done, made non-matching envies, and called it good. Now I'm taking a break for a day or so and then I'll start on trying to make some super cool Lego inspired goodie bags. You'd think they would have a plain old Lego party pack available (for a reasonable price that is). Oh well. I had alot of fun making these and I think they turned out super cute so I'm a happy momma!


  1. Your invites look fab - well done on being so creative :) I hope Josh has a wonderful birthday - he looks like a cute little guy who brings you lots of love and joy :) Lucie xx

    (Luciejwill - Swap Bot Blog Swap)

  2. Hi nice to meet you I'm blackbird 4 -s.b

  3. What a great idea! very creative.. ! you really take so much effort and that is so sweet :)
    Happy belated birthday to little josh! :)
    (1teaspoonsugar on swapbot)


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