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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Well that wasn't so bad

The anticipation was killing me and I just knew the mall was going to be filled with crazies and mean people. I'm so proud to report that I was very wrong in that assumtion!  I took part of the day off from work and picked Josh up early and we headed out to the mall. He still had some business to take care of with the Jolly Old Elf and had to do his Christmas shopping for Mimi and his dad. I was dreading the line that awaited as we approached Santa's area. I looked and looked and finally had to ask...."Is there a line?" They said No just go around to the back and come up and he'll be next. So Josh hopped up on Santa's lap with a force that nearly broke the old fellas hip I'm sure! He told him about all the Lego's he wanted and Santa is very up on the latest Lego's (as you would expect) and Josh got to visit extra long because there was nobody in line behind him!
So, after the extended visit with Santa, a quick stop at a shoe store to admire the new Lego shoes (great *sigh*) and a quick cup of pretzel bites and an icee we got back to the business at hand. We had some shopping to do. We walked up and down the mall numerous times. Josh couldn't find just the right thing. Then we spotted the Toys'r'Us express. We stopped in there and got the gift for his friends bday party and spent his Christmas money on something cool for himself. Then we were down to the Christmas shopping. We looked in store after store after store and finally found everything we needed in once place (where a little boy's tired feet might have helped his decision making process speed up a bit).

I think the highlight of the day at the mall was when we were all bundled up, with our umbrella overhead. we were walking out to the car. We passed a mom, toddler (in a stroller) and a grandma with them. They didn't look too happy as they were walking into the mall. Josh looked up at the 2 adults and said "Hello, have a good day!" Their not so happy looks melted and gave way to smiles, and a slight look of shock. Hopefully it made their day a little brighter.

Yesterday was one of the best days ever. Josh and I had some great time togeether, just the two of us. People at the mall were nice. There was only one snarky gal that I saw the whole time and everyone seemed to think she was somewhat evil. It wasn't crowded and we even got good parking! All in all the rain didn't dampen our day at my feel a little soppy but that's it. :)

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