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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's PICTURE day (and other fun stuff)

Well Josh is quite the happy boy today. IT'S PICTURE DAY!!!! He loves picture day....I think he just likes the dressing up that they get to do for the fall pictures. I can't wait to see how they turn out. They were so stinking cute last year. He got his brand new haircut from Mimi last night (who he was VERY excited to see at the end of the school day...he didn't know she was going to pick him up). Hopefully he'll have a great day :) 

He has decided that he might not want to wear his Boba Fett costume to school on Friday. I just hope the ol' standby of Spiderman still fits him the way he's been growing....we might have to make a quick run to Target this week. I just still can't quite understand why he doesn't want people knowing how much he likes Star Wars. I can only hope it's something he'll grow out of. He is excited though that we're going to make "breadstick bones" for his classroom. I just hope they turn out right......I've never tried them so this could go either way! We do have mini Halloween fruit roll-ups in case they don't turn out!

Last but  not least don't forget to come on out to the Halloween Carnival this weekend!!! It will be going from 10-2ish.....It's my understanding that it's rain or shine. If there are any changes I will let it be known. Otherwise, please come out and support our school! :)

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