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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


One of my birthday gifts (well, it got here on my birthday last month) was this AMAZING assortment of goodies from Elmers/Xacto (courtesy of BzzAgent). It has all sorts of adhesive and scissors to try out. They are all amazing products. When did Elmer's come out with all of these great crafting items? Also, who knew that Xacto has all sorts of fancy edged scissors...well I do now....and because of that so do you! I've been using my Elmers glue pen, glue stick and adhesive tape runner in alot of the crafts I'm doing right now. I was VERY skeptical at first that one little dot from my Elmer's glue pen could hold a gift bow together but it did!!!! AMAZINGLY WELL (pics to come soon). Give all the the Xacto/Elmer's products a try...they're names everyone knows but new products that everyone might not know abot....until now!

Jealous that I get such awesome goodies? You can too....go to and tell 'em joshsmama05 sent ya! You have to do a little work to climb the ol' ladder but it's totally worth it! :)


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