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Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's back to school time....

I snapped the shot half a second too late and missed the sweet smile!

I can honestly say I've never been so proud of the little man. He has taken the transition into Kindergarten in a stride. He was a little off for the first day or so but he has really taken to it and seems to love it. I think playing with his buddies that he doesn't get to see everyday anymore really helped. He knows that just because they go to different schools now it doesn't mean that they won't see each other.  Josh's teacher has been amazing in helping with the transition (especially after the "visit" this summer which did NOT go well at all!). So many fun things are going on now I will try to update more often. I love the fall and hope to be on the go as much as possible.....and if anyone wants to know....only 7 shopping days until  my birthday! :) Does SMUD make gift certificates? lol

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