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Saturday, March 28, 2009

That's right kids - it's book fair time!!!!!!

Let me preface this post by saying that Josh comes by his love of the book fair quite naturally. If I can pass nothing else on to my little man it will be how to play MY parents for a few book fair dollars. It's the one thing I was really good at as a child! Since I was sick so much I read, alot. Nearly every recess (when the book fair was around) I would run to the book fair just as fast as my little wheezing asthmatic legs would take me. Thanks goodness Josh is a very healthy kid but I have managed to instill in him my love for books. (even though I can't remember the last time I read a grown up book)

With Josh being at his new school we are still getting in the swing of things. I don't think I had mentioned it yet but He started in one classroom but after getting to know the classrooms I really wanted him in the other room. The teacher is more creative and more of a free spirit. My kind of people. So after listening to Josh and seeing how deeply he had connected with her I called the school and asked if we could trade classrooms. I had gotten the ok from the teacher that morning when I dropped Josh now he's a "Mousketeer" and LOVING it. Her husband comes in nearly every day to hang out and basically help out with the class. The kids love him and the school treats him like one of the staff....right down to the annual finger printing.

After we got all of that straightened out we found out not only was picture day coming up but so was the book fair!!!! They sent out a list of a few books that would be available and we started out list. Josh really wanted The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which was one of my favorites. So when I picked him up on Weds we walked over to the "big kid" side of the school which is where the library is located and went to town. He got the book he wanted and was done. After some convicing he decided to get a few more (he thought he could pick one out - I had to tel l him that mommy will definately splurge at the book fair!!!) so we got quite a few books including 2 kids cookbooks that he spotted (that will help in his dream to become a chef, I reckon). We also picked out one book to donate to the classroom and after the initial sticker shock I happily paid for the bag full of books we purchased. Looking back I think my purchase on Weds was probably only a fraction of the $$ I managed to squeeze out of mom and dad when I was a kid...sorry guys! THEN - Josh received an envelope in the mail from Papa and Grama - MORE BOOK FAIR MONEY!!!!!!!! Mimi was picking JT up on Friday to spend some time with him prior to her leaving for Oregon so they went to the BOOK FAIR!!!!!!! I sent his wallet with him but Mim's decided to foot the entire bill for this shopping trip. he picked out some great books and bought another to donate to the classroom. Now he still has his money from Papa/Grama so guess what ----- I guess we'll have to see if there are a couple more books the little guy hasn't already purchased! The fair goes until next weekend I think so we're cool. I'm sure we'll find SOMETHING to buy. :)

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