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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A super fun day

The first week of school went way better then I expected it to. Josh has been adjusting very well to his new school and has really connected with the teacher from the next classroom (that is attached to his classroom and is the other Jr K teacher. He goes in there before school every morning). He has made one friend so far (whose name he remembers). I know he has played with other kids too but it's hard to remember everyone's names! Heck, I still have a hard time remembering the names of everyone I work with.
I told him if he did a great job and really tried this week at school that we could go to the Build A Bear workshop at the mall by Mimi's house. So we looked online and tried to get some idea of what type of critter he would like to make. He decided that he wanted to make a policeman kitty cat. So we got there and there were sooooo many choices. He didn't budge from his plan. He found the kitty. He chose the sound. He stuffed it. He made a wish on the little satin heart and placed it inside. He chose the clothes (Mimi found the essential officer boots and sunglasses) and then he named it "Officer Meow Meow". One little note - when he wished on the heard that he put inside the kitty he later told me the wish. He wished that he could be a chef when he grows up. We put him in his "condo" (the cardboard box that we brought him home in) and we were on our way. I love the way everything is on the perfect scale for the kids. Everything was just the right height for JT and he has such a great time. We will definately be going back there!!!
Then we went and walked through the mall and Mimi bought him a super cool soccer outfit at Gymboree (see the green sweatshirt) and then he got to ride in the Nascar ride a couple of times. All in all it was a wonderful day!!!

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