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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First Day of School

With many changes going on at Josh's current daycare and the possibilty of it becoming a casualty of the failing economy the decision was made (and approved by Josh) to start him in a Jr K program. He was VERY excited by the idea and I let him choose what he wanted to do. I just wanted to have a plan in place for when the daycare closed it's doors.

When I found out the situation that was facing the daycare my plan sprung into action. I called mom and we decided at that point that she would be able to take care of him - after she got back from Oregon. Then we talked a little about the school that I had looked at a while back. I took the chance and emailed the phone at work rang about 5 minutes later. He told me he first wanted to ease my mind about the financial aspect of their school. They are in a great position right now - so good they are not raising their tuition next year (yay!). They are a preschool -6th grade private school that is not too far from us. The principal was the administrator of the year for 2008 for the state of California. It's a great schoool. So today was his official "visit" day and tomorrow is his first real day of the Jr Kindergarten program. He made a couple of friends today. Even though it was hard he did very well for his first day.

He is so excited and the school is so cute. They have so many great things for the kids. They have two resident goats, ducks and turkeys as well as the horseback riding lessons when he turns four. They also have a swimming pool and provide swimming lessons in the summer program.

His days are quite full now. He will get there early and play for a while and then play out on the playground. Then they have various activities for the first part of the day including circle time, songs, story time and then they work on the letter of the week and the numbers of the week. Then, depending on the day, they either work on some projects or go to the library/computer lab. Then they have their snack, go out to recess, then it's time to come in wash up and have lunch. Then there is a rest period and then snack time in the afternoon and another activity and then recess again in the afternoon. I should get there towards the end of the afternoon recess. On Friday they have a bake sale and the kids can purchase a treat for a quarter. This week Josh's class is hosting the bake sale. I just can't believe that he's officially in elementary school! With his age it could have gone either way - but after talking with the principal he said that Josh should be in the same class as his grandson who is also 3. The boys are only 2 months apart but ahead of where they should be at this age and because of that they get to go to Jr K instead of preschool. Woohoo! I'm just so excited for him. I'm sure I'll post more later. I'm a bit tired - this has been a long week and it's only Tuesday.
Hope everyone is doing well!!!

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