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Friday, February 06, 2009

Panic on a Friday morning

I know now how a mother's fear can totally take over when something is amiss. I went to bed late last night and must have absolutely crashed out. I am normally a very light sleeper.

I woke up this morning and went to check on Josh to make sure he was covered up (like every other morning) but he was gone. Not in his bed, not in my bed not in the bathroom. I started to panic. I know we have a "top" lock on the door that I lock every evening that is about 6' off the ground so there was no way he could be gone but still the overwhelming emotion was fear. I searched the blankets in both rooms again and then ran out to the frontroom (where I usually leave the light on for the cat who is scared of the dark). There I found a little boy curled up in the big green chair sleeping like a baby (and drooling a bit as well). The cat was sitting on the floor watching him until he noticed I was there and poor Thomas came running over to me with a kind of "I thought you'd never get up" look. I grabbed JT and took him into the bedroom and covered him up and he slept for a couple more hours. The cat immediately went in Josh's room, hopped up on the bed and went to sleep.

Then I went out to turn on the morning news but the TV was already on. Strange.

So when Josh woke up I asked him if he got up to go potty in the night and he said "Yes". Then I asked him if he had gotten scared because it was dark down the hallway and if that was why he went into the frontroom "Yeah mommy" then I asked about the TV...." I turned it on but it didn't work". So he had gotten up to go potty and when he realized the hallway to the bedrooms was dark and the living room was full of light he went out there and tried to turn the TV on to watch cartoons....but he couldn't reach the box on top of the TV so when he turned the set on it didn't do anything because the receiver wasn't on. So he just went to sleep.

It just broke my heart that he was out there all by himself......well.....except for the best kitty cat in the world. That cat apparently had been there taking care of Josh the whole time he was out there......that's why he was so tired when I got up.

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