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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Operation Cat Rescue

Well as normal our plans for a quiet Friday night didn't quite pan out. When we got home we saw our neighbor and spoke to her. Apparently there had been a yellow/orange kitten hanging around our apartments for a while and it seemed as though the owner had abandoned it. I told her if she saw it to come get me, I have a carrier and mom will take it.

Flash forward 20 minutes - there is a knock at the door and it's the neighbor. The cat has been spotted and is on the upstairs patio of the place where it used to live. She ran down and got the maintenance guy who let her in the vacant apt to get the kitty from the balcony. We took it over - put it in the carrier and all was well. I took the carrier inside and put some food in there. The kitten didn't seem to like Thomas being near her at all and she made some rather horrible sounds to let him know just how she felt!

So we decided that maybe we should just pack it up and head to Mimi's RIGHT NOW. So we did. By 7pm we were at Mimi's house to take the kitten to her new home. Josh has named her Lemon which is quite fitting since her eyes look like lemons. She has settled into her new home quite well......I don't think Chloe hates me but I don't know that we're on speaking terms yet. She isn't sure about this "cat" in her house!

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