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Monday, January 12, 2009

Hello 2009!

Man has it been a whirlwind of adventure since my last update?!?

We had a wonderful Christmas - Josh got a new camera and is turning into quite the little photog. I'll post some of his pics later on. We have many pictures of the cat, his skateboard, me and what he has been watching on TV. He really has en eye! Obviously he got his skateboard from Santa (or he couldn't be taking pics of it) and he's really trying to learn how to use it. He's got GREAT balance - something he sure didn't get from me! I'm making him practice with it inside to make sure he knows how to handle it and I keep telling him that thing is going to zoom when he gets it on the cement! He also got a ClickStart computer that hooks up to the TV. It's a really cool little computer! It's got a wireless keyboard with a mouse that you can move to either side. The other super cool thing he got was Hullaballoo by Cranium. I HIGHLY recommend this game. It is so so so fun, fast moving and did I mention fun? The players move from pad to pad based on the command that is called out by the little box that comes with it. There are pads with colors, instruments, foods, animals and shapes and you either move, spin, jump or crawl from pad to pad. It's really a great thing for the little ones. Josh LOVES it. The winner of each round either gets to do a funky dance, a funky monkey dance, take a bow or jump for joy.

Josh is getting smarter by the minute and can pretty much memorize anything you give him on the first try. When he was home with Mimi one day he called me up and started singing me a song in Japanese! So, this weekend we are going to head to the bookstore and get a book on language. I think Japanese is a great way to go. I took it for 3 years in high school so it would be a fun refresher. They already work with the kids in Spanish at daycare so I figure why not add a little more. We're working on his reading as well because he wants to be able to read his books, not just words in the books. He loves science as well. If you ask him he can tell you what galaxy we live in, what stars and comets are made of, what constellations are etc. There is this great show on Qubo called "Zula Patrol" that is all about science. It's great! He is always asking me about different things, how they work, why they are a certain way - - - so I try my best to explain and then verify online later! Soon he'll be past my wealth of knowledge!

We're already starting the planning phase for the big 4th birthday party. I can't believe he's going to be 4! I'm already starting to panic about him going to school in a little over a year! He's such a healthy kid too. He likes to eat "green light" foods and knows that his Icees are a "red light" food and he can only have them once in a while. We have "Green light milkshakes" every night which have fruits, veggies and yogurt in them. He LOVES his milkshakes and he loves that they are healthy for him. He'd rather snack on a bowl of carrots then a couple of cookies. Josh also wants to start going to Church a little more regularly, which is fine with me. He was such a gentleman the last time we went - right before Christmas. We bought a VeggieTales Bible Story book and once I read him one story he has it down. He likes it when I read him "Josh and the Big wall" I'm pretty sure it's his favorite because it's got his name in it! lol

As for me I'm working and then going home, doing a few chores and then playing with my best buddy. We play for a while, he helps me with the chores around the house and he helps me make dinner. I often hear "sure, no problem mom" or "a gentleman can help you with that" he is such a sweet little soul. I never knew that a child could be as good and as fun as Josh is! I have also taken to embroidery like nobody's business! lol So if anyone is expecting a gift in the next few years be expecting something with some sort of embroidery on it! (Yes dad, I'm sure I can find a way to include duct tape somehow!)

I better get back to work - lunch time is over. I hope everyone is having a great 2009 so far!!!

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