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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Politics ~ according to a 3 year old genius

Let me start by saying I have no documented proof that he really is a genius but the way he is able to rationalize things and absolutely understand things ~ it's just a theory.

During the campaign for the presidential election Josh watched intently with me. We watched the debates together, we watched news programs together and we watched election night coverage together (at Josh's request). I never told him he needed to watch any of this programming and never sat him down and told him which candidate I preferred. I let him form his own opinions and come to his own conclusions. As a side note - the few times I tried to change the channel from the election night coverage I was SCOLDED. He wanted to watch and he really did watch. He didn't just sit there with the TV on - he watched and listened as if his own political career were the topic of discussion. It was amazing to see him taking everything in on election night and understanding the concept of voting. If they change the voting age to 7 I know a little boy who would probably like to vote in the next election!

While watching the last debate between the presidential candidates Sen McCain used the word "but" as a transition in a sentence. When you are 3 years old and you've been told that "butt" is a bathroom word you immediately pick up on the fact that someone else has said a naughty word. Since that last debate all I have heard is "I like Obama because he's a good guy ~ McCain said but and that's a bathroom word". He held strong to his beliefs and continued his relentless support. Once (as a joke) Freddie at Huggy Bear asked the kids "So what you do guys think, McCain or Obama?" The other kids started talking about misc topics and Josh said "I like Barack Obama because he's a good guy". He's VERy politically minded for a 3 year old. Just the fact that he has picked up on everything is amazing to me.

Last night he wanted to call Mimi to give her an update. He told her that Obama was winning. When she asked him what color was for each candidate he told her "Blue is Obama and Red is McCain". I hadn't told him that - it was just something he picked up from watching coverage last night.

I told him that either candidate needed 270 to win and when they announced that Obama would be the next president he turned to me with an absolutely elated look on his face and said "MAMA, THEY SAID THAT BARACK OBAMA IS GOING TO BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT!!!!" I told him previously that however the election went it would be a historic night and it would be something he would read about in history books when he was in school.

I just never thought a three year old would be so involved and so politically minded. When McCain made his concession speech Josh got up on my lap and settled in to watch. He told me he wanted to stay up and watch Obama so after McCain was done we went in and snuggled into my bed and turned on the TV and watched most of the Obama speech. Josh was pretty excited that his little girls are getting a puppy! We both fell asleep before it was over (my cold medicine kicked in and Josh was just exhausted).

Who knows ~ maybe I'm raising the next great political analyst, journalist or campaign manager (BUT NOT A POLITICIAN, he's far too honest).

I just wanted to share. No matter what your political view or who you were supporting ~ you can't think badly of a 3 year old that has formed his own political view with absolutely no prompting. If only politics were that easy. "Not John McCain because he said a bathroom word".The simplicity in that statement is so subtle but also speaks volumes. That defining moment of that last debate is what did it for Josh and it wasn't even a bathroom word - it was the transition - try rationalizing that to a 3 year old.

So, no matter what party affiliation or who you voted for we now have to say Congrats to our new President Elect Barack Obama ~ and apparently we are supposed to have a party this weekend (per Joshie) to celebrate his candidates victory.

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