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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

He sees you when you're sleeping (or eating Tootsie pops)

With Christmas fast approaching I'm going to get as much mileage out of Santa as I possibly can. Josh has been pretty good about trying all the food on his plate lately - it has helped that I have told him that Santa can see if he's being good or not.

A couple of weeks ago we all went to Kmart (Mimi, Josh and myself). He saw the skateboard he wanted - it's the junior size and it's SpongeBob.....and it was on sale - so of course I had to act quick. He saw it and immediately wanted it. I told him he couldn't get it because we already told Santa that he wanted a skateboard and that he might already have one set aside for him. So I grabbed the skateboard and told him to wait with Mims while I called Santa to tell him exactly which one Josh would like to request. Santa said that as long as Josh was good he should expect to see that skateboard on Christmas morning.

Fast forward to yesterday (11/3) I talked to Josh's daycare via email and she let me know that he had tried some rice casserole without being told and was really eating well. So last night that little bugger snuck into his Halloween candy and took out a Tootsie pop and started eating it while I was doing dishes and while he was supposed to be eating his dinner (slow eater). So after I was all done I adjusted the volume on the phone and when you do that the phone rings so you can hear the current volume. I did it a couple of times and then picked up the phone "Hello......oh HI Santa! How are things at the North Pole?" Josh's little head spun around faster then I ever imagined. "Yeah he's been pretty good and he did have a great Halloween........oh......he tried some rice today at Huggy Bear?" I asked Josh and he said he did and told me to tell that to Santa - I told him that Santa is the one that told me........"and he had a second helping of applesauce?" .....again Josh confirmed. "Mama ask him about my skateboard!!!!!" "Yes Santa, he DID have that Tootsie pop before he finished his dinner..........ok - since he's been really good if he just finishes his dinner and drinks the rest of his milk it should be ok?" I hadn't finished the word "dinner" and that kid was over there putting everything in his mouth on some sort of speed eating spree! I told him to slow down and that Santa didn't set any time limits! I finished up the phone call to Santa and told him that we re-arranged the front room so we would have the cookies sitting somewhere different then last year but that we would definately leave some out for him.

Josh was so amazed - especially since Santa knew about the rice. The look on his face was priceless!!!! These are the most amazing times - I absolutely love seeing the world through Josh's adorable little eyes.....

I'll be blogging about his political opinions later... out of time right now. :)

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