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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well it's been a few days since I've even been able to check my email. I did take a few minutes to "Elf Myself" but other then that we've been VERY busy. So let me start by saying "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" to everyone and I hope you all had a very special day!

We spent the holiday at my mom's house where Josh got to try his hand at making an apple pie. He got to core/peel the apples and that was super fun (pics to follow soon, I promise). Then he put everything together for the pie....then we cut out apples on the top to make it look extra cool. He had a great time. He didn't take a nap so he didn't even make it through dinner before he crashed for the night. We ate in the evening so he was OUT.

We did a little shopping on Thanksgiving at Walgreens and got some deals on wrapping paper and some other goodies for Christmas. Also, we managed to get some more cold meds for Josher T - just in case.

Yesterday, we just spent the day resting up. We went back to Mimi's house because she was going to come up to Sac with us and spend a day or two. However, Josh had seen some little trees in the Michael's ad from Thanksgiving. So I asked him if he would rather have a real tree or a fake tree. Well to a 3 1/2 year old if it's there it's real so it really doesn't matter. Since I'm super allergic to real trees I really didn't see a problem with getting a fake one. I tried talking Josh into one 4' tree. We'd have to move a couple of things in the apt because it was pretty full but I figured we'd manage. Well he had his heart set on three really cute rustic looking trees (that look kind of like something my babysitter would have cut down by her house when I was a kid). So I grabbed the last box of them. They were regular $39.99 but were on sale Sat for $19.99 plus I had a 20% off my entire purchase coupon. So we got them - even though I still really wanted the bigger one. Once we got home we put these trees up and they look fantastic! We put them in front of the fireplace off to the side so we can still have a fire with no trouble (if it EVER gets cold here!). I was so impressed with his eye! He decorated the trees. they were pre-lit so less work for mama. That kid is so awesome. I am the luckiest mom ever!

This morning there were some good deals at Walgreens so since mom was here and JT was still sleeping I took off to hit Wags and then a couple of other stores. I managed to buy about $150 worth of stuff for about $38. MAJOR deals today.

Then it was off to Kmart. Today was a day I have been preparing for. This was a momentous occasion. DOUBLE COUPONS!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a coupon addicts dream come true. I managed to get about $210 worth of merchandise for about $73. It was amazing. The girls at the checkout were awesome....I was their first and they were worried things might not go smooth. They actually thanked me! They said I was very patient and they thanked me for being their guinea pig. They were the good ones. I had heard all sorts of horror stories from fellow couponers in the East about problems. It seems that they have things worked out and all went super smooth. I managed to hit Wags, Kmart and then a few small items at Safeway and the gas station all by 9:30. I'd love to go get a few more of the Kmart deals but I really don't have any room.

I think later today I might clean out the "grocery store" take an inventory and post it on the door. I have so much stuff up there and it's packed tight. Any open space (or should I say, used to be open space) is filled up with overstock items. We really only have to go to the store to get "fresh" food. This is so nice. I buy for a fraction of the regular retail and get all brand names.....It's really helped us this Christmas. I'm nearly done shopping for gifts and even have about 1/2 of them wrapped....which is driving Josheroo CrAzY! He keeps asking if he can open something! lol

I better run - I'm sure I've rambled on enough. I was in a rush and never pay attention to how much I'm writing when I'm going fast. One of the downfalls of typing fast! lol

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!!!!

:) Heather

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