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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I know I'm a few days late (and the pics will come soon) but better late then never right? Halloween was wonderful this year. Josh was really into it this year. He picked out his costume back in early Sept so we got it ordered early. He was just about set on a really nice fireman costume but then the flyer came from and it was all over. He HAD to be Jimmie Johnson (who happens to be the points leader with 2 races to go).

Thurs Oct 30th was the big Halloween party at Huggy Bear where all the kids got to wear their costumes and we took some super cute treats (will post a pic of that soon, turned out very well).

Then came the big day. Friday Oct 31st I got off early and went and picked up little Jimmie Johnson. Got him all decked out in his costume and brought him by my office to show him off. He loves going into mommies office and playing with the adding machine and seeing all of my co-workers. He got a TON of candy there. (oh - and my dept came in second place in the decorating contest - cemetary/zombie theme - woohoo!) . Then we loaded up and drove to Fairfield so that we could go trick or treating in Mimi's neighborhood. We had talked about what he needed to do. I told him I could go up to the door if he wanted me to but he told me to wait. He marched up there just like he was Jimmie Johnson himself and knocked on the door - "Trick or treat!" - he kept forgetting to say thank you because he couldn't believe that people were giving him candy just for knocking on their doors! They would ask him who he was "I'm Jimmie Johnson - I'm the points leader and I gonna win the Piston cup!" (actually the Piston cup is the big prize in the movie Cars for those of you that haven't seen it). He was quite the little pro. I just couldn't believe the way he was walking right up to the door like it was nothing and knocking. I was far too timid to walk up by myself - especially at the age of 3! As usual he made his mama proud!

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