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Sunday, October 05, 2008

One Proud Mama

I kept forgetting to put this in which is suprising because it's been such a BIG event for us. Josh has been dealing with a couple of his friends saying things that weren't very kind and these things were really hurting his feelings. He decided to handle it in a way that was quite grown up (with the help of Lori at Huggy Bear). Even though his friends were doing things that didn't make him feel good he still chose to take the high road and just play somewhere else. He still played with these friends too. I was proud that he didn't just start "firing" back with any type of verbal arguments. Then I found out that he was doing all sorts of good/kind things showing how good of a friend he really is. In fact not long ago when I picked him up after work he got to pick out an award....THE FRIENDSHIP AWARD before we went home. It was for being an outstanding friend. I really can't express how much that means to me as a mom that he got recognized for being a good friend. Something like that sticks with you. I remember how getting the "Most Trustworthy" award in Mrs. Melton's Kindergarten class always stuck with me.....and mine was just a card on a piece of yarn with some macaroni glued to it. Josh got Play-doh! I think the way he acts now will set the pace for how he acts later. He is such a good child and I'm so happy to know that his good behavior is appreciated and respected. It wouldn't matter if he hadn't gotten an actual object for his award....just knowing that he's a good kind friend is something he is very proud of and he's always willing to tell anyone and everyone about it, why he got it and what it means. I've really got a great little man and sometimes it's hard to remember that he's only 3. He takes such good care of me when I'm sick or tired. He helps around the house. He is already very responsible. Some people say it's not luck that I have such a good boy. I know it's not my opinion it's definately a blessing and a gift to be his mom. I don't know who has learned from him or him from me. Right now I think it's in his favor as teacher. He really has made me a better person and has made me live up to my potential more then I had been previously.

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