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Saturday, September 27, 2008

You know I have to brag a little.....

Ok - So I have managed to get some pretty sweet deals again. Just a couple of the best are below. I have really cut back on spending and there are MANY items I just flat out won't buy until I can work it just right and get them free or pay less them .50 for them. Some items (like cold meds) I need to get while the gettin's good so I splurged a bit. Here's the breakdown.

Trip #1:

2 boxes of Kahshi Go Lean Crunch on sale ......2 for $5

3 Garnier Fructis Shampoo on sale......3 for $10

3 Garnier Fructis Conditioner on sale.......3 for $10

Grand Total...... $25

2 coupns for Kashi $1 ea (-$2)

6 coupons for Fructis shampoo/conditioner (-$6)

Walgreens Rebate $10 back on $20 purchase of Fructis hair/skin products (-$10)

Register Rewards from previous shopping trip (-$4.50)

Total Out of pocket when all is said and done and rebate is processed $2.50 (plus I'll make an additional $.10 because I have the refund send to my Wags gift card bringing the total down to $2.40 for all of these wonderful items)

Trip #2 wasn't as awesome as this one but it's still cool......

I signed up for the "W" card on this trip which will make me money but it cost $20 to start (the annual cost for it).

4 Wags coloring books (that each have over $20 of coupons inside) @ 2/$1 = $2

2 Childrens Dimetapp on sale 2/$10 = $10

1 Crest Pro Health Mouth wash - $4.49

2 Wags water bottles FILLED with free samples 2/$5

Cars for guess who = $6.99

Gatorade (Josh was sick) = $1.79

1 W brand pediatric electrolyte strips - $5.99

2 Reach Floss on sale 2/$5 = $5

Sub $41.36

$5 off $20 Wags Q

2 $1 off q's for Dimetapp

RR Printed on this transaction

$5 for Floss

$4.50 for Mouth wash

$5 for Dimetapp

Total OOP after all said and done = $21.82 plus I'll make an extra $1.09 on my W Card once I get it

Trip #3

1 42 count Omeprozole (for mom - she paid) $19.99

1 Thera Flu liquid $4.99

Pink Items totaling $5.98

1 LypSyl lip moisturizer $1.99

Sub 30.96

$5 off $20 coupon

RR for this transaction:

$6 for Omeprozole

$2 for TheraFlu

$5 for Pink Items

+ Rebate for Lypsyl $1.99

- $20 mom paid for Omeprozole

My total down to a profit for $7.04 plus I'll make $1.90 on my W card from the omeprozole and I'll earn an additional .19 from the rebate on my gift card

Plus I got a RR for a free AARP subscription - I'll pass that one on to mom!

Still not the greated deals I could've gotten but I was tired and had a sick boy. Now I have Nearly $30 in RR to spend tomorrow on the new sale/rebate items since the new rebate period starts tonight. In fact Josh and I might head over there tonight to get a few double plays!

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